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Occasionally in the music scene someone comes along who can captivate the imagination of every Thomas, Richard and Harold. Lexx, from Zurich, Switzerland is one of those people. His extensive discography tells the tale. We were proud to host Lexx on our home turf of The Sunset Ashram, Cala Comte, as part of Day 3 of the Folk Ibiza Festival 2010. After 2 days of full on partying, Lexx took the Balearic Mysitique crowd on a blissfull journey through jazz, folk, soul, disco and just about every genre you can imagine. He returns to Ibiza in September with the Folk crew to play at We Love…Space, and we can’t wait. You can hear Lexx’s sounds on his Soundcloud account, and news on FaceBook.

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Alfredo Fiorito – DJ Alfredo

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There are very few people who’s name is most strongly tied with the word Balearic. From the early 80’s Alfredo has been playing his style of varied Balearic sounds in clubs, including a legendary residency during the early days of world superclub Amnesia. Still playing regularly at Ibiza’s weekly music festival We Love…Space on Sunday, Alfie is far from hanging up his boots. As an island institution, and all round lovely man, we asked to join Balearic Mystique at The Blue Marlin Ibiza for the industry launch of Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, as well as flying over to London to play at the official launch party – the aptly named Acid House Effect. You can see photos of the event here, and you can keep posted with all Alfredo related news here

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Rico Loop

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What can you say about Rico Loop? Well firsty he certainly ain’t no DJ. Rico’s live performances have to be seen to be believed. He is a one-man music machine, using a pedal-operated loop station and anything else he can get his hands on -  from a guitar, to a toy keyboard, and even a bottle of water -  to create enlightening and engaging, rythm filled grooves, right off the cuff. Rico warmed up the gobsmacked crowd at The Blue Marlin Ibiza, supported by Israli hang-drum player Ariel, as part of Balearic Mystique’s contribution to the International Music Summit. Despite narrowly avioding an artists argument with an unnamed DJ legend, Rico left the stage with the love and amazement of all that were there.

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Phil Mison

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Phil Mison is an unassuming goliath of Balearic music. In the early nineties Phil arrived to play in Ibiza as a music officionado masquerading as a milk man, and left as a DJ legend. One famous mix inspired future Pacha Magazine editor, and Richie Hawtin manager, Ben Turner to write a glowing ode to Phil’s brilliance behind the decks. At the time written Musik Mag, the sentiments contained in the article have undoubtably been felt by many a punter since. Phil currently produces under the name Cantoma, but has also been partner in sublime crime with Pete Herbert on the infamous Reverso 68 releases. Last June, during the International Music Summit and the Last Night a DJ Saved My Life launch weekend, Balearic Mystique were spoiled by adding Phil to two line-ups within a week! Despite challenging circumstances at the first gig, Phil expertly turned it round, and then treated the Light Bar gathering to 90 mins of one of the best mixes I’ve ever heard. Phil we salute you. Cantoma has recently released its second album “Out of town”, you can buy a piece here.

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Andy Wilson

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Andy’s taste in music has been responsible for millions of smiley faces, stroked chins and tapped feet, through of DJing and broadcasting. Andy is a founder of the world’s most notorious radio station Ibiza Sonica. Twice weekly he presents his bi-lingual “Balearia” show, showcasing the ultimate selection of new and old Balearic sounds. He also programs the station adding syndicated shows such at Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide, Ben Watt’s Buzzing Fly, and Ralph Lawson’s 20:20 Vision. You can see why the Ibiza Sonica iPhone App shot into the top 20 in the world last year! Regulary hitting 1 million listeners worldwide during Ibiza’s summer months, Andy’s music reaches all corners, and you can read some of his philosophies in this interview. We were proud to be the venue for Andy’s last birthday party, and you can catch up with Andy’s broadcasts through Ibiza Sonica’s Mixcloud page.

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Kenneth Bager

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Kenneth rose to international stardom with a seminal piece of compiling called “Music for Dreams”. He has since pioneered an experimental electronic sound in his productions, and led a new wave of Scandinavian Balearic aficionados onto the world stage. Kenneth currently produces a Music For Dreams radio show which is syndicated weekly on Ibiza Sonica radio, and has just released his third album as “The Kenneth Bager Experience”, called “Fragments from a Space Cadet 2″; a follow up to his critically acclaimed album of the same name in 2006. Kenneth came down to Balearic Mystique to play alongside Sonica’s Andy Wilson for the latter’s birthday party on the beach, where he was also joined by Jon Sa Trinxa and DJ Dribbler of Solid Gold Safari. Here’s a link to Kenneth’s My Space page…

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Moon Boots

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If ever there was a man with an envied record collection Mr. Moon Boots is that man. An almost mythical Manchester DJ, Balearic Mystique is proud to confirm that he is in fact a real human man. We know this because he also played at the Last Night a DJ Saved My Life Launch weekender in London…and he also flew in from the Synch festival in Greece. And that’s not where the similarities between himself and Balearic Mike end – they both wear a beard. However, this is where the similarities end as unlike Mike he has never been tempted over to Ibiza. This small fact doesn’t detract from his sublime appreciation for sound, and his love of vinyl, making each Moon Boots set a collector’s item. He’s so underground that we couldn’t find a link for any of Boots’ parties, so here’s his MySpace page

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