Ian Kennedy – Alpine Sun Mix

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After a month living out of a suitcase, you start to get quite creative with your clothing. That is if you’ve acutally had some time to sober up and think about what your putting on. The last trip I’ve just made to Austria, for the Snowbombing Festival 2011 – representing the charity Last Night a DJ Saved My Life – was sprung on me quite late. So somewhere I had to turn my luggage full of tee shirts, shorts and flip flops, into heavy duty snow-wear. I achieved the impossible and left London at 5 O’cLock on a grey Monday morning with enough thermal, padded, double layered socks as I could find…and what happened…yes you got it, it was f**king hot all week! Anyway, at least I managed to represent the other official charity partner at the festival – Comic Relief – with my custom made red nose.


Here’s a little mix I made up when I was there, inspired by the stunning alpine backdrop, the sun, drunken snowboarders and horse manure. Just like Ready Steady Cook, it’s amazing what you can make with the most random ingredients.

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Lucci Capri – Acid House Mix

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Here’s a bit of musical genius from Balearic Mystique’s Lucci Capri

2011 – Lucci Capri – Acid House Party Mix 2 by Balearic Mystique

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Ian Kennedy – Busy Boy Mix

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 March 2011 05:04 Written by mielon Saturday, 26 March 2011 06:18

Here’s a likkle mix to bestow springtime cheer!

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