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Phil Mison, a DJ who arrived in Ibiza for the first time in 1993, has been pushing sublime music throughout his career.

His latest release under the moniker Cantoma, “Out of Town” is the subject of a promotional return to the island, and guest sets at

amongst other places, the International Music Summit. Broadcast over the interweb by Ibiza Sonica, Phil inspired the

dining delegates in Ibiza sunshine yesterday afternoon. And none were more inspired than the team here at Balearic Mystique.

We are proud to promote Phil’s new album, that you can buy here, but more proud of the fact he will be treating us to

2 hours of pure Balearic bliss at the LAST NIGHT A DJ SAVED MY LIFE Industry launch for Balearic Mystique this

Saturday 29th May, for the IMS Wind Down sponsored by Pioneer and Sol, at Blue Marlin Ibiza.

If that wasn’t enough, Phil will also be appearing at part 2 of the public launch Acid House/Balearic Weekender at Corsica Studios

and The Light Bar in London on 5th

and 6th June. You can find all the necessary info here, and buy tickets to see Phil here.

Nina Simone – Baltimore

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Balearic Mystique presents Earthdance Ibiza 2009 CD

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EARTHDANCE IBIZA 2009 presents

Balearic Mystique Compilation CD


1. Goodbye World, Hello Dreamers – The Good Livers

2. Pretty As You Feel – Lenny Ibizarre

3. Konichiwa Nonsense – The Good Livers

4. Via De Amor – Rico Loop

5. You Never Know – Deadbeats

6. Nu Philosophy – Lucci Capri (Messalina)

7. The Rain – Lenny Ibizarre

8. Liquid Stone – Fiat 600

9. Be As One – Minus Blue

10. Sunday Roast – Jimi Mistry

11. Lament For A Dead Computer – Coyote

12. Peace Outro – Barefoot Doctor

The first Balearic Mystique compilation album, to accompany the first International Earthdance to take place in Ibiza since 1997. The artists contributed for free, and helped the Folllow Your Heart team to back up a challenging production with a top quality free release. MAIL US FOR A COPY!

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